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    6 days later & Still waiting on a tracking number.....

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    30 days and still waiting on a tracking number and no responses.  Disappointed.  

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    Bill Calton

    Spent $190 on 3 shirts, they sent 2 of the 3, emailed them IMMEDIATELY to ask about my missing shirt, it takes 2 BUSINESS days for them to respond too emails. On 2 separate occasions Leroy with customer service told me my shirt is on its way, 9 days after receiving my incorrect order my shirt has YET to be shipped. There is no customer service telephone number believe me I did extensive research to find one. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service, will NEVER spend money with them again.

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    This company seems fraudulant. How is a shirt that is in stock not sent out over a week after the order was paid for? I asked to speak with a manager and there was no response. 

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